Motorcycle accident attorneys in Montgomery, Alabama provide a glimpse into just how many biking accidents occur on Alabama roadways and why riders and drivers need to make every effort to acknowledge motorcyclists and be cautious when driving.

On August 5, 2016, a Tuscaloosa police officer whose name has been kept confidential was injured in a motorcycle accident as he made his way on his bike down the 300 block of NE Rice Mine Road according to a news report provided by  As he made his way westbound, a vehicle turned in front of him abruptly. Montgomery, Alabama motorcycle accident lawyers note that the officer has maintained a stable condition and is being treated at DCH Hospital for a broken leg and multiple bruises. While it is unknown what caused the other vehicle to proceed with making the turn without acknowledging the officer, there is a possibility they failed to see him.

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Some drivers cause a motorcycle to crash as they aren’t paying attention or acknowledging these bikers.

One of the common reasons why motorcycle crashes transpire is the mere fact that motorists aren’t always looking out for them. While some motorcyclists aren’t as easily seen, other times, drivers fail to look when they make a turn to acknowledge whether any oncoming bikers are heading their way.

This next account was reported just yesterday by and sadly displayed the details of a tragic motorcycle collision that occurred in Jefferson County. The time was approaching 10:00 a.m. Monday morning when a major accident took place on Old Springville Road and Mary Vann Lane. A motorcycle, car, and truck all were involved in the crash. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office, the motorcycle rider collided with the back of a truck and was then hit by a car. Rodney Marquise Kimble, 24, was the driver of the bike and was pronounced dead on scene.

Montgomery, Alabama motorcycle collision lawyers nearby highlight yet another tragic accident that occurred just back in May that was responsible for taking the life of motorcycle rider. The driver of the vehicle that crashed into the motorcycle was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant, however, no further update was provided as to whether or not the driver was found at fault for causing the accident, and taking this motorcyclist’s life.

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A motorcycle accident attorney can help accident victims and their loved ones receive compensation for their injuries.

Among all three accidents that occurred, only one individual was lucky enough to stay alive. Many people who do engage in a motorcycle accident are often severely injured, suffer from life-threatening conditions, or at worst-killed.

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