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What Are Some Roadway Hazards You Want to Avoid as a Motorcyclist?

We know riding a motorcycle is as risky as it gets, and we are aware of the many ways a biker’s life changes after engaging in an accident. But with all the data and constant speculation on why these motorcycle crashes occur, cheatsheet.com has compiled a list of some of the things bikers need to be more cognizant of which seems to attribute to severe crashes and even those resulting in death. Local Alexandria, Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyers represent victims of these accidents on a continual basis, but what if there was a way for you to reduce your chance of having your life negatively impacted just by adding a little extra precaution while you ride? […]

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How Do Your Feelings Affect Your Driving?

We often find that when we are going through a difficult time, it is always easier to remove ourselves from the environment that is causing it to refresh, reflect, and refuel. Unfortunately, many individuals believe that if they are the middle of an argument or receive bad news that going out for a drive is what they need to get away. But, Baton Rouge, Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyers point out that while this isn’t the best solution, it even can place your life and the others out on the roadway at risk. […]

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How Can I Strengthen My Motorcycle Crash Case?

If you are a motorcycle accident victim and are looking to ensure your case is strong and solid, provided below are some tips motorcycle collision attorneys in Biloxi, MS believe may help you.
Just like any other vehicular accident, after a crash occurs, you want to be sure you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and ensure you receive all that it is you are entitled to as an injury victim. Sadly, while most motorcyclists become severely injured and cannot follow through with all the tips that are about to be provided, a loved one of yours can assist to assure the liable party is held accountable and that you have all the required details and evidence to prove you weren’t at-fault. There are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to a motorcycle accident case and we have provided some for you. […]

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Why Do So Many Deadly Motorcycle Accidents Occur in Alabama?

Motorcycle accident attorneys in Montgomery, Alabama provide a glimpse into just how many biking accidents occur on Alabama roadways and why riders and drivers need to make every effort to acknowledge motorcyclists and be cautious when driving.
On August 5, 2016, a Tuscaloosa police officer whose name has been kept confidential was injured in a motorcycle accident as he made his way on his bike down the 300 block of NE Rice Mine Road according to a news report provided by wsfa.com.  As he made his way westbound, a vehicle turned in front of him abruptly. Montgomery, Alabama motorcycle accident lawyers note that the officer has maintained a stable condition and is being treated at DCH Hospital for a broken leg and multiple bruises. While it is unknown what caused the other vehicle to proceed with making the turn without acknowledging the officer, there is a possibility they failed to see him. […]

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What Mistakes Do You Want to Avoid Making as a Beginning Biker?

Taking up motorcycling is understandable as insurance rates for vehicles continue to increase and the cost for gas to travel is unpredictable. But, as a beginner in the world of motorcycling, there are certain mistakes the Motorcycle Safety Foundation believes have become far too common and motorcycle crash attorneys local to you in Gulfport, Mississippi are shedding some light on them in the event you are currently in the market to purchase your first bike. If you want to become a motorcyclist, it is important to be aware of these mistakes in hopes that you avoid them which will allow your trips to be much more enjoyable and safe. […]

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How Serious Are Motorcycle Accident injuries?

Whether you are an avid biker or are in the market to purchase your first bike, motorcycle crash lawyers in Lafayette, Louisiana share some of the most common injuries a motorcyclist incurs when involved in an accident.
Whether it’s the feeling of being free and unrestricted to the practicality that many find with riding a motorcycle, there are a number of reasons why bikers continue to hop on top of their bike knowing the dangers it possesses and how serious an injury could be if you wind up in an accident. While most picture a person speeding past them traveling at an increased rate, most bikers simply ride to get to work, school, or for mere pleasure. Not all bikers are speeders nor are they irresponsible, however, motorists often fail to acknowledge these motorcyclists which results in tragic and even fatal motorcycle crashes to occur. […]

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What are Some Common Complications Motorcycle Accident Victims Encounter?

After being injured in a motorcycle accident, and more than likely those injuries were quite severe, you want to be sure you secure compensation without any dispute. Sadly, many victims whose lives have been significantly altered struggle to gain the necessary payment to help cover the costs of medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and even loss of consortium if it applies to your case. According to Morris Bart, who is a top leading motorcycle accident attorney in Lake Charles, Louisiana, “negligent passenger vehicle drivers play a key role in some of these accidents” which means it isn’t necessarily the bikers fault, hence, complications shouldn’t be a factor when filing a claim or lawsuit for the damages one incurs. […]

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Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Result in Death?

Do you or a family member of yours have a passion for riding a motorcycle? Are you aware of the necessary precautions that need to be taken each and every time you find yourself traveling on your bike? While many motorcyclists are, Mobile, Alabama motorcycle accident lawyers are shedding some light on just how serious motorcycle crashes can be as the majority of those that occur result in death. Being a biker places you at a higher risk of sustaining life-threatening injuries for a number of different reasons, and knowing your options after a crash is vital. […]

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What are the Most Essential Items a Motorcyclist Should Carry?

Motorcycle accident lawyers in Monroe, LA are here to ensure you understand what it is every biker should be carrying to ensure their safety is kept at number one.
Whether you have elected to take up motorcycle riding for pleasure or it is how you commute to the everyday places you must go, there are certain things bikers should always have with them, including wearing protective gear that helps decrease the severity of injury if someone was to get hurt. But, just as motorists carry precautionary items with them in the event an accident strikes, motorcyclists too should have specific items with them as well. […]

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One Motorcycle Accident and 200 Homes Without Power, What Happened?

July 21, 2016 marked a tragic day for many friends and family members, and most of all for Weston Johnson, the young boy whose parents were killed in the horrific motorcycle accident that occurred late Thursday evening. Motorcycle accident lawyers nearby in Birmingham, Alabama recognize Justin Hardin, 26, and Josie Johnson, 24, as the victims whose lives were taken in this motorcycle ride that turned deadly. Wiat.com broadcasted the story to help raise awareness of how the citizens of Cullman County and all other surrounding areas can help the surviving family members now that these two individuals are gone. […]

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