A fatal motorcycle accident closed the Central Expressway near downtown Dallas.   

Texas – August 2, 2022

The southbound lanes of the Central Expressway near downtown Dallas were closed after an early morning motorcycle crash near the Haskell Avenue Exit.  The rider hit a wall and suffered fatal injury at the scene according to law enforcement personnel causing the roadway to be closed for over 3 hours.  Motorcyclists have a death rate 28 times higher than passenger vehicle drivers according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. Traffic-related fatalities disproportionately represent motorcyclists who account for 14% of all traffic-related fatalities.  Dallas wrongful death attorneys may be helpful to initiate legal action for wrongful death compensation and assist traumatized loved ones with accessibility options for funds to pay unexpected funeral and burial expenses. A Texas motorcycle accident attorney can work with accident reconstruction experts to determine causes and damage valuations when fatal injury occurs. 

Wrongful death case valuation.

In any successful wrongful death accident settlement, negligent individuals must be identified and the damages must be supported by strong evidence gathered by a professional team of economists and financial professionals. Wrongful death insurance settlements and monetary awards after legal action are based on:

  • How old the deceased was: younger person would be higher settlement amount due to longer life expectancy,
  • The earning capacity of the deceased: A person who was an attorney earning $200,000 per year may see a higher settlement amount someone who made $45,000 per year,
  • The health of the deceased: A person in good health would be expected to live longer,
  • The income of the person at their time of death,
  • Age and circumstances of dependents: A person who leave children could realize a larger settlement than a single person with no dependents,
  • Education and training of the deceased: Higher trained and paid professionals usually see higher wrongful death settlements than a person with only a high school education,
  • Medical bills incurred,
  • Funeral costs,
  • Value of the deceased’s lost insurance or pension benefits.

Motorcycle accidental death benefit.

When a person suffers fatal injury from a motorcycle accident that does not involve other vehicles, their insurance policy may have a death benefit clause that survivors will need to utilize to pay for unexpected costs related to funeral and burial arrangements. A personal injury lawyer may assist with car insurance death benefits. Benefits will usually have a requirement that the death occur within a certain time after the accident and will only pay out when it is clear the death was a result of a motorcycle accident.

Statute of Limitations.

Texas has a two (2) year statute of limitations for wrongful death actions. This means if the motorcyclist suffered fatal injury due to the negligence of another driver who left the scene, government roadway maintenance issue, or mechanical problem with the motorcycle, surviving loved ones must file a lawsuit within that time period following the date of the fatal injury.

Hire an attorney.

Contact a professional attorney at the Cooper Law Firm for a free consultation, as they can research specific case facts and interpret the law to support a case’s best outcome toward compensation after a motorcycle accident fatality. The Cooper Law Firm has the resources to move forward toward a proper insurance settlement, or court award that is unique to each wrongful death case.

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