Crash between motorcyclist and SUV in Louisiana caused one fatality

Baton Rouge, LA – Motorcyclists always need to be extremely careful on the roads. The smaller size of their vehicles makes it difficult for other drivers to see them, and there is little to protect them from the impact with other objects or cars. This means that there is a large possibility that a collision involving a motorcyclist can become fatal or produce serious injuries. Those who cause injuries or death to a motorcyclist may also be named as a defendant and sued in a civil case if their negligence was the cause of the incident. 

Local news for Louisiana reported on a fatal accident involving a motorcyclist and an SUV in the Moss Bluff area [1]. 

Motorcyclist dies after speeding into a turning SUV

Police for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office received a dispatch call to go to the intersection of Dunn Ferry Road and Tiffany Lane. They were informed that there had been a two vehicle accident in Moss Bluff at approximately 6 pm that night. Initial reporting based on what police found at the scene was that the motorcyclist was going eastbound on Dunn Ferry Road, then the SUV suddenly made a left turn in front of the cyclist from the westbound lanes.

After the impact, the motorcyclist was tossed from his vehicle. Even though he was wearing a helmet at the time, the 34 year old male victim was later confirmed to have died when he was brought to a local hospital. Although police believe that the crash was likely caused by the excessive speed of the motorcyclist, they were still investigating at the time of the news report. Toxicology samples were also obtained from both drivers as is standard procedure for fatal accidents in Louisiana. 

What will the police try to find during the investigation?

In most cases, police will try to look at the scene, talk to the witnesses, as well as the drivers involved to try to see what happened. It is fairly common for motor vehicle accidents to happen because a driver was momentarily distracted by something like a phone or another person in the car. In Louisiana, the police also take toxicology samples to see if drunk driving was a factor in causing the crash. 

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