Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Result in Death?

Do you or a family member of yours have a passion for riding a motorcycle? Are you aware of the necessary precautions that need to be taken each and every time you find yourself traveling on your bike? While many motorcyclists are, Mobile, Alabama motorcycle accident lawyers are shedding some light on just how serious motorcycle crashes can be as the majority of those that occur result in death. Being a biker places you at a higher risk of sustaining life-threatening injuries for a number of different reasons, and knowing your options after a crash is vital.

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Many bikers who survive a serious accident often pass away after being transported to the hospital.

Unfortunately, bikers aren’t given the same respect other motorists are who are traveling inside a larger vehicle which often results in an accident. For instance, highlighted an unfortunate story from July 26th involving a man who was traveling down University Boulevard at approximately 7:28 a.m. As the motorcyclist continued down the roadway, a pickup truck entered his path by making a left turn. Motorcycle accident attorneys nearby in Mobile, Alabama note that Matther, who was the occupant on the bike, was taken to a local hospital, however, because of the severity of his injuries, he did not survive the crash.


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Motorcycle accidents are more prone to occur during the nighttime or early morning. reported yet another accident that transpired a few weeks back on July 9th around 8:30 p.m., and involved a driver operating a 2002 Chevrolet pickup truck and a motorcyclist. The crash took place on Old Pascagoula Road near Tillman’s Corner. The Alabama State Troopers identified the motorcyclist as Henry Matthew Owens IV, 44, who unfortunately didn’t survive the accident.

Motorcycle crash attorneys in Mobile note that Owens was pronounced dead on scene, however, liability has yet to be pinned on someone as investigators continue to determine how this accident occurred.

These two deadly motorcycle accidents are only a small reflection of the true amount that transpire on our roadways each and every day. And if all drivers put forth maximum effort in practicing safety when out on the road, there is a chance these crashes could cease. unfortunately, things like distractions and driving while impaired play a significant role in causing these motorcycle accidents, and until drivers refrain from using their cell phones or getting behind the wheel of a vehicle drunk, there is a decreased chance of reducing the number of accidents from occurring.

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Motorcycle crash attorneys help injured victims gain compensation for the damages inflicted upon them.

But, as mentioned before, if you or someone you love does ever find themselves entangled in the midst of a crash, knowing who to reach out to is crucial. Having a skilled motorcycle accident attorney will not only help you obtain the necessary compensation from your insurer as they generally place the blame on the motorcyclist, but also assure you receive the compensation you require for being out of work as well as for the pain and suffering this accident has brought on.

If you live in the Mobile area or a surrounding city, consider reaching out to Morris Bart as he understands the complexities that often arise in these cases and will fight for the rights you have as an injury victim.