Florida motorcyclists should wear helmets to avoid serious injuries

Boca Raton, FL – When someone is riding a motorcycle, there are a number of special safety concerns. One area that has been regulated by state throughout the United States is whether people riding on a motorcycle must wear a helmet. Florida does have a law that addresses this issue but there are some complexities. As a general rule, all people on the roads should take various safety precautions to minimize the chance of injuries. However, if an accident does happen, a civil attorney can provide further explanations of the state’s laws and other forms of assistance. 

The motorcycle helmet law described in the Florida statutes

Chapter 316 of the Florida Statutes covers traffic laws, and 316.211 is specifically related to motorcycle riders and required equipment. This section says that no one can operate or ride a motorcycle without a helmet that is federally approved based on accepted safety standards. However, riders who are at least 21 years old and have insurance coverage for at least $10,000 can choose to not wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. In other words, the helmet requirement will essentially be waived for drivers who have sufficient insurance and are over 21 years old. These sections of the statutes also list requirements for eye protection for motorcyclists, and tag requirements for riders under 21.  

The law also says that riders who are in violation of these requirements can receive a traffic citation from a police officer if they are stopped. 

Head injuries and civil lawsuits

Helmets are important on motorcycles and bicycles because of the likelihood and severity of head injuries. Someone who experiences a concussion or traumatic brain injury may have issues with mobility, memory, insomnia, mood changes, and a host of other problems that might never go away. For this reason, it is recommended to follow the state’s laws for all kinds of safety gear and exercise caution while riding or driving. 

Someone who does experience a head injury can file a civil lawsuit against the person who is responsible. The defendant may have to pay for lost wages, medical treatment, hospital stays, and even non-economic losses caused by the emotional pain and trauma associated with the incident. Personal injury lawyers spend their careers dealing with these kinds of issues, and they can give advice to a client, including the possible value of the lawsuit and chances of success. 

Finding out if a civil case is the right solution after an accident

There are attorneys who focus their practice on motor vehicle collisions and assisting clients with the aftermath including injuries and insurance claims. Rosenberg Injury Law is an experienced firm in Boca Raton that consults with accident victims who need more information. 

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