How Do Your Feelings Affect Your Driving?

We often find that when we are going through a difficult time, it is always easier to remove ourselves from the environment that is causing it to refresh, reflect, and refuel. Unfortunately, many individuals believe that if they are the middle of an argument or receive bad news that going out for a drive is what they need to get away. But, Baton Rouge, Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyers point out that while this isn’t the best solution, it even can place your life and the others out on the roadway at risk.

Whether you are sad, angry, or frustrated, the best thing you can do is find somewhere in your home that will allow you take some time for yourself rather than getting on your motorcycle and leaving. Not only is your mind focused on your current issues, you are less attentive to the roadway and aware of what is going on. A case in point proves this when Tim Sadowski, a man from California, nearly lost his life from one turn he made while out riding his bike. According to NBC News, the man had been going through a rough time with finances and his marriage, and he reached a point where he just needed to get away.

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Mr. Sadowski attempted to ride his motorcycle while upset and distracted, and ended up engaging in a crash that nearly took his life.

After being told his marriage counseling wasn’t working and his wife was unhappy, he set on his motorcycle feeling distracted and worried, which led him down unfamiliar roadways.  Baton Rouge, Louisiana motorcycle crash attorneys note that as he continued on his drive, he made a turn down a road only to be blinded by the high beams from an oncoming car. He slammed into the wind shield of the vehicle, which placed him in the hospital, and with no health care insurance.

The family begged several hospitals to treat Mr. Sadowski until finally one agreed to mend his injuries. Sadowski suffered from a severed foot, fractured ligaments, broken pelvis, and the possibility that he would never walk again. Baton Rouge, Louisiana motorcycle crash lawyers highlight that the family who had once brought in $15,000 a month, was broke, and Mr. Sadowski left struggling with the repercussions of driving while upset.

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Motorcyclists are known to incur much more severe injuries in an accident than someone in a car.

Although this is only one example of a tragic accident, many motorcycle collisions occur daily throughout the U.S. and is important that you make every attempt to make your ride a safe one. Remember, always wear protective gear, never drive while intoxicated, and be sure you are attentive to the roadway and not driving when your mind is primarily focused on an issue you may be going through.

Unfortunately, many accidents that do occur are unavoidable but one thing is for certain, and that is, if you ever find yourself injured in a motorcycle accident, that you contact Morris Bart immediately. The Sadowski’s story is a clear depiction of just how serious these motorcycle collisions can be and how they can affect your family. To ensure the negligent driver is held accountable, you need a dedicated and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer working behind you and Morris Bart is the perfect professional for the job.