Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Flagler Beach Recollect on Accident that Nearly Took the Life of a Volusia County Firefighter

We hear about motorcycle accidents and other types of collisions occurring each and every day but rarely do we get to hear the stories of the struggles these victims go through just to regain the strength they once had so they can continue to live their lives the way they once could. Today, we share with you Thomas McDonough’s story, the survivor of a motorcycle accident that nearly took his life.

It was back in August 2017 when McDonough was out riding his motorcycle in South Daytona when he collided with a truck. The accident left him unconscious for nearly two weeks and he spent this time in Halifax Hospital. McDonough had worked as a Volusia County firefighter but would have to spend the next few months of his life working toward recovering from the severe injuries he had sustained. According to The Port Orange Observer, McDonough had suffered a broken femur, shattered tibia, a broken pelvis, internal bleeding, a lung contusion, and a broken jaw. The source also highlighted that his lung area had to be drained of blood and his jaw was wired shut.

Throughout the recovery period, doctors worried that McDonough may not survive but he managed to push through as he wanted to get his life and his job back. He knew he had to get better.When McDonough was finally released from the hospital, he began treatment in his home located in Port Orange and set his goal of being better by 2018. The firefighter had to go through an intense rehabilitation process to learn how to use his muscles again as well as walk.  Finally, after nearly four months of fighting to regain the strength and mobility he once had, McDonough’s doctor told him in January 2018 that he was able to put weight on his leg. And that is when he really started to fight to achieve overall wellness.

And after 221 days had passed, McDonough was finally able to return to work as a firefighter as his strength levels increased and he was able to complete the fitness test that permitted him to work again. Something many people fail to realize is how these types of accidents impact a person and their family’s life. During this time of recovery, it is likely that McDonough wasn’t able to work or provide for his family and the medical treatments and therapy he received were rather expensive. And that is why whenever a person is involved in such an accident, especially one as serious as McDonough’s, they should consider hiring a FL motorcycle accident attorney as they can fight for the compensation that can make the recovery time a little easier on everyone.

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