Motorcycle collides with downtown Austin building

Austin, TXMotorcyclists always run the risk of losing control of their vehicle. This can happen for a number of reasons, but things like poor road conditions and visibility make it more difficult for people on a motorcycle to successfully get to their destination. Motorcycle accidents are also more likely during the nighttime hours. During a crash, there is a high risk of serious injury due to the lack of protective gear and safety features on the bike. There are lawyers who focus their efforts on motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles, and they can help injured people with representation during their lawsuits or settlement negotiations. 

Local news for the Austin area reported on a single vehicle motorcycle crash on a busy downtown street [1].

Motorcyclist crashes in early morning hours in busy downtown area

The local police responded to the area of East 6th Street to a collision involving a motorcycle going into a building. The cyclist apparently struck a glass wall of an unoccupied building located at 611, which was the former spot of the Texas Lottery claim spot. The incident happened at approximately 2:30 am. Austin police said that they are not aware of the condition of the motorcyclist or if anyone else was involved. The Travis County EMS would also provide updates to the local news, although no additional information was available at the time of the report.  

The 6th Street area is known to be busy most nights of the week due to live music clubs and other nightlife venues in the vicinity. 

The legal process after a motorcycle accident

Those who were involved in a crash with a motorcycle need to report the crash to the local authorities like other drivers. They can be charged with a crime if they immediately leave the scene. Any collision should also be reported to the insurance company, as this is required for most policies and it starts the claim process. 

Once it is safe to do so, any person hit by a motorcyclist or the person who was riding the motorcycle can potentially sue the other motorists involved. This is true regardless of whether these other vehicles were being used for commercial or standard purposes. A civil accident lawsuit is usually the best way for people who were hurt to get help with their medical bills and lost income that resulted from the accident.  

Accident lawyers in Austin

Robson Law Firm helps people with accident and injury cases in the area of Austin, Texas. After any motor vehicle collision, their attorneys can provide advice and representation throughout the course of a civil lawsuit. 

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