Motorcyclist Chases a Hit-and-Run Driver While Recording Him with His GoPro


As one California man was cruising down the 215 Freeway on his motorcycle, he witnessed a hit-and-run accident, but wasn’t about to let that driver get away.


“Dick Danger” is the name the motorcyclist goes by on his social media accounts and he uses it to post videos of himself while riding his motorcycle. Danger began video recording himself with his GoPro when he purchased his bike last year. And while he probably has seen some pretty intense stuff while out on the roadway, what he witnessed last week wasn’t comparable to anything he had ever experienced before.

Last Thursday Danger was riding his motorcycle with his GoPro on and filming when he realized a motorist behind him in a Mercedes Benz was driving a bit “erratically” according to CBS Los Angeles. Danger, being the cautious driver that he is, decided to move out of the way to avoid an accident as many drivers who are being careless aren’t too concerned about the others on the roadway. As Danger moved over to the right, the driver passed him and just seconds later after doing so, sideswiped an oncoming vehicle. He then proceeded on to hit a truck and rear-ended a Prius.

At that moment, Danger was shocked and felt obligated to inform the dangerous driver that he caught everything on his camera. After learning this, the driver backed up his vehicle and sped off. Perhaps he thought that if he got away the video would be of no significance, however, by driving off, he only made matters worse for himself.


Danger went on a chase after the hit-and-run driver.


After realizing what just occurred and the fact that this driver wasn’t willing to stick around to be read his consequences for driving recklessly, Danger set out on a chase. He ran back to his bike after the driver took off and began following him. At one point, they reached speeds up to 90 mph but Danger was adamant about following behind as he didn’t want this driver to harm anyone else seeing how irresponsible he was already behaving.

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During the time Danger was following the Mercedes, he did call 911 to report the incident and informed the police that he was pursuing the driver on his bike. He even saw a California Highway Patrol officer who he tried to flag down but that was unsuccessful. Eventually, after speeding on the freeway and driving in and out of lanes, the motorist must have assumed that Danger wasn’t going anywhere and neither was the footage from his GoPro. The driver ended up pulling over and getting out of the vehicle. Police showed up and Danger provided them the video he managed to record catching the entire incident from start to finish.

While Danger was able to dodge the accident, many motorcyclists aren’t as lucky. Drivers often disregard bikers and ignore the fact that they are more vulnerable than those traveling inside of a vehicle. Most bikers who do engage in a motorcycle accident are often left suffering with debilitating and life-threatening injuries. If you are ever involved in a motorcycle collision or know someone who has been, will help you locate a nearby Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer who can get you the maximum compensation your injuries entitle you to receive.