New York Bill to Improve Motorcycle Safety Becomes Law

Ballston Spa, NY- A new law aimed at motorcycle safety in New York State was recently signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo and will change the licensing requirements for anyone applying for a new driver’s license. Senate Bill S2119A directs the New York Department of Motor Vehicles to add motorcycle safety training to current driver’s license courses, manuals, and written tests to improve the safety of motorcycle riders in the state.

Motorcycle Safety Law in New York

Under current law, individuals who would like to apply for a driver’s license in the state must attend a five-hour pre-licensing class. That will remain the same. But SB S2119A instructs the state DMV to add information about motorcycle safety to pre-licensing curriculum and include motorcycle awareness questions on the written test individuals take before getting their driver’s license.

The sponsor of the bill, Senator Pattie Richie, noted in a press release that in recent years more motorcyclists are hitting the scenic parkways throughout New York State and motorists need to be aware of how to share the road with them.

In a press release, Sen. Richie said, “Requiring new drivers to take this upgraded training will only enhance the safety of everyone on our roadways.”

Motorcycle Crashes on the Rise Nationally

Motorcycle safety training makes sense as deadly motorcycle crashes continue to rise in the U.S. Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that fatal and injurious motorcycle accidents increased nationwide by 5.1 percent in 2016.

Who is Usually at Fault for Motorcycle Crashes?

Road conditions and inclement weather play a very small role in auto vs. motorcycle crashes. Most traffic accidents, including motorcycle crashes, are the result of driver error. The top five behaviors that lead to motorcycle crashes in New York, according to the state DMV, are:

Failure to yield the right of way- 17.9%

Unsafe speed- 17.6%

Driver inattention and distraction- 15.4%

Following too closely- 10.3%

Passing and unsafe lane usage- 7.6%

Motorcycle operators and passenger vehicle motorists both engage in the behaviors described above. It is wise for operators of any vehicle, whether it is a car, truck or motorcycle to avoid those risky habits or they could cause a terrible accident.

Call a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Ballston Spa, New York

Most traffic crashes are the result of poor judgment such as speeding, inattention, and distraction and these reckless drivers can cost a motorcycle operator their health, mental well-being, and livelihood. Motorcycle accident victims often face exorbitant medical costs, and they deserve to be compensated for their injuries. If you are a motorcyclist, and a negligent driver harms you, speak to a motorcycle accident attorney in Ballston Spa, NY as soon as you can. is your resource for knowledgeable and skilled injury lawyers in New York. No matter where you live, we can connect you with an understanding motorcycle accident lawyer who will do everything they can to get you maximum compensation.


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Many motorcycle accidents occur because of negligent actions on behalf of one or more car drivers or motorcyclists.

A recently signed New York law makes motorcycle safety training mandatory for anyone applying for a new driver’s license. connects accident victims with skilled motorcycle accident lawyers.