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Has a loved one of yours lost their life in the midst of a motorcycle accident? Perhaps you sustained serious injuries after engaging in a crash while riding your bike? If so, it is time to consider your legal options and how you may go about obtaining the compensation you and your family deserve for the injuries you sustained.

While many motorcycle accident victims fail to come forward and seek the compensation they are entitled to, others are forced to accept the lowered settlement offer their insurance company provides. Unfortunately, your insurer along with that of the at-fault party aren’t going to truly consider all of the pain and suffering you have endured, which is why having a legal aid on your side is vital.

Did you know that a motorcycle accident attorney in New York will not only fight for this, but also take into consideration all the other damages you have sustained and are entitled to receive compensation for? Whether you are looking to get your claim paid or your case has gone as far as court, your motorcycle accident lawyer will be there to support you and have your back.

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Motorcycle Crash Facts in New York

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 147 individuals lost their lives to a motorcycle accident in 2014. While this number alone is shocking, it doesn’t even account for the total number of biker collisions that transpired.

The fact is, many motorists do not respect motorcyclists in the same manner as they do other drivers. Because of this, many biker’s lives become distraught as they suffer from the repercussions of another driver’s negligent actions. For this, justice is to be served and legal action is to be taken.