One Motorcycle Accident and 200 Homes Without Power, What Happened?

July 21, 2016 marked a tragic day for many friends and family members, and most of all for Weston Johnson, the young boy whose parents were killed in the horrific motorcycle accident that occurred late Thursday evening. Motorcycle accident lawyers nearby in Birmingham, Alabama recognize Justin Hardin, 26, and Josie Johnson, 24, as the victims whose lives were taken in this motorcycle ride that turned deadly. broadcasted the story to help raise awareness of how the citizens of Cullman County and all other surrounding areas can help the surviving family members now that these two individuals are gone.

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The death of the two individuals has left one child without his parents.

According to news reports, both Hardin and Johnson were traveling together on one bike when they struck a “power transformer near 2nd Avenue Northeast and 14th Street Northeast.” Because of the impact the motorcycle made, nearly 200 homes lost electricity and a new pole had to be installed. The couple was traveling during the evening hours, approximately 10:30 p.m. when the accident occurred, however, details identifying the cause of the crash have yet to be released.

Motorcycle crash attorneys in Birmingham did highlight from that Hardin was a resident of the city, and worked “four years as an Iron Worker, Local Union #92.” The obituaries written for the two described them as loving parents, and it is always quite saddening to learn of these unfortunate motorcycle collisions that occur and leave families without their loved ones and children without their parents.


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Nighttime driving is when many collisions tend to occur as drivers aren’t as alert as they should be.

While many enjoy riding a motorcycle, when an accident does transpire, those riding on the bike are more prone to sustaining much more serious injuries than if they had been driving inside of a vehicle. And while accidents such as this may not deter an avid bike rider away from continuing to partake in the thrill associated with riding, it is a clear reminder that precaution must be taken when out on the roadways. This couple was not only at risk for incurring harsh injuries because they were on a motorcycle, but were also traveling later in the evening, which is when many incidents tend to occur.


Either way, Birmingham motorcycle accident attorneys remind drivers to keep a watchful eye out for any bikers making their way across the roads, and motorcyclists to be cognizant of all that is going on around.

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A motorcycle accident law firm can hep victims obtain the composition they deserve for their injuries.


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