Phoenix area motorcyclist hospitalized with a significant injury

Motorcycles can be much more dangerous than standard sized vehicles when they are involved in an accident. It is common for cyclists to be seriously hurt or killed after a collision that includes a combination of cars and trucks. A discussion with a local lawyer who deals with these situations is the best way to determine how to proceed, regardless of the severity of the injuries. 

A motorcyclist was sent to the hospital after a motor vehicle accident in the Phoenix, Arizona area. 

One motorcyclist deals with significant injuries

Multiple vehicles were involved in the collision at the intersections of 74th Ave and New River Road in Peoria on a Thursday afternoon. 

A total of one victim who was on a motorcycle was taken to a nearby hospital, and there were no other reports of injuries. The Peoria Police merely described the injuries as “significant” without giving other details or listing the other vehicles involved. 

The accident remains under investigation by local law enforcement. A preliminary report from the traffic unit said that impairment was not a cause of the collision. 

Personal injury lawsuits

Personal injury is a broad area of tort law that deals with receiving pay for losses sustained during various kinds of accidents. Motor vehicle accidents form the basis for most personal injury lawsuits in the United States, but they can be related to many other kinds of incidents where someone is unexpectedly hurt. The most important aspect of these cases for most victims is the summary of damages, or money they can collect related to their total losses. These damages are a total of medical treatment and hospitalization, property damage, missed time from work and lost wages, and even funeral costs if the accident is deadly. In severe accidents, a judge may also allow non-economic damages related to the victim’s emotional pain and suffering, or punitive damages meant to punish the person at fault for unacceptable forms of behavior. 

How will an insurance claim affect this process?

Another option to try to receive compensation is an insurance policy, but in most cases these policies only cover vehicle damage or up to a few thousand dollars worth of injuries. 

It is important to contact your insurance provider after any accident. This is required by law and the terms of your policy. Based on the information they have about the incident, they may pay out a certain amount of money, but claim denials are also possible for many different reasons, which is why independent legal advice is recommended. 

Find out if a lawsuit is the right option for you

There are accident attorneys who can speak with you and give advice and guidance related to your case. To talk to a local professional in Phoenix, contact:

Southwest Injury Law 

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