Port Allen motorcyclist is struck by driver on service road

Port Allen, LA – Motorcyclists always need to be aware of the increased danger on the road when using such vehicles. A person on a bike usually has limited protective gear, and if they are ejected during an accident there is nothing to protect them from making contact with the road surface or other dangerous obstacles. For these reasons, motorcycle collisions tend to be much more likely to produce fatal injuries than standard car crashes. When a cyclist is seriously injured or killed, the victim or their family has the ability to bring a negligence case or a wrongful death action against the driver responsible. 

The West Side Journal reported on a motorcycle accident where a 34 year old male died [1].

Motorcyclist is struck at service road intersection

Police say that the incident happened on a Monday afternoon when the victim was going southbound on LA-1. A car crossed suddenly from the highway on the west side of the road and made contact with the victim’s motorcycle. The man in the car who was going to the Hubben’s in the area blocked the motorcycle’s path and it went into the side of the vehicle. The driver told the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputies on the scene that he had not seen the motorcycle at all while driving through the intersection. Police remained in the area of the LA-1 service road and the Family Dollar in Port Allen for some time after the crash and for the following investigation.  

Negligence cases against drivers

In a situation like this, it is possible that the driver may not have been paying attention to the road. This can result in civil liability even if the police do not decide to issue any citations or make an arrest after the accident. The plaintiff in a negligence case only needs to show that the driver breached the standard duty of care required on the roads. If this lack of care is demonstrated, the plaintiff can then ask for various kinds of compensation such as the costs of their medical bills and lost wages. Attorneys who focus on accident cases have extensive experience negotiating settlements and trying cases related to motorcycle injuries. 

More advice about motorcycle accident lawsuits

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