Safety Tips for Tandem Riding

KENNESAW, Georgia. Summertime is an exciting time of year for motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s time to hit the road, time to feel the wind on your face, and time to travel. One way that many motorcycle riders enjoy the road is by tandem riding. If you have a partner and don’t each want to ride your own bike, some riders go tandem. If you love riding and want to introduce your partner to the joys of motorcycle riding, tandem riding is a great way to get a loved one “hooked.” Yet, tandem riding comes with its own unique safety risks. Plan to ride tandem this summer? Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Adjust your bike’s rear suspension. According to Motorcycle Cruiser, riding tandem places extra load on the back of your bike. If you plan to ride tandem, you’ll need to adjust your suspension.
  • Gear up. Both riders should be wearing proper gear. This means helmets for both riders, leather pants, and a biker jacket. It looks cool and can protect your skin from road rash in the event of a crash. Leather is most protective in the event of a fall. Jeans might not be enough.
  • Make sure your partner knows basic safety. New riders won’t necessarily know not to put their feet down as the bike slows and they may not know where to hold on. It’s your job to let your partner know.
  • Riding tandem changes how you’ll take turns and stop. You should feel comfortable riding on your own before you take a second. Even if you are familiar with your bike, your motorcycle will handle differently with a second on board.
  • If you’re riding as a passenger, always ask yourself if you trust the driver. This is not just like riding shotgun in someone’s car. A small mistake on a motorcycle can result in serious injuries or death. How long has this person been riding? Do they have the extra gear to give you so that you’ll be safe? If they don’t—just say no.
  • Ride in good weather. Consumer Reports notes that slippery or rainy conditions can increase the risk that you’ll skid. Take bad conditions and add to this the changes in handling you’ll experience when you add a tandem rider and you have a recipe for disaster. Only ride tandem in good weather. Better yet, only ride your motorcycle in good weather—period.

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