San Diego families suffering after fatal motorcycle crashes file legal action.  

California – August 6, 2021

A collision near KQ Ranch Road on State Road 79 was the scene of a deadly motorcycle accident where a 2008 Harley rider suffered fatal injury after losing control and crossing into the path of a 2016 Volkswagen Jetta as reported by California Highway Patrol.  Subsequently, the unoccupied cycle slid across the roadway and collided with a Toyota Land Cruiser, after which an oncoming motorcycle struck the debris and its rider was thrown to the pavement.  Neither the Toyota driver, nor the second cyclist suffered injury, but the driver of the Volkswagen was transported to the Palomar Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.  Individuals who are involved in a multi-vehicle accident with a motorcycle should contact a motorcycle accident attorney to assist with claims and possible wrongful death litigation.

Increased motorcycle fatality.

There were 5,014 motorcycle riders who suffered fatal injury on United States Roadways in 2019, increasing from 4,985 in 2018.    A motorcycle accident attorney can answer questions regarding the need for medical screening for brain injury as well as other internal injuries caused in an accident and explain options for damage compensation in San Diego.

Fault of other drivers.

When motorcycle accidents occur, other drivers may be negligent.  When multiple vehicles are involved, there may be multiple parties that could be negligent for the accident, separate from the driver.  Actions that lead to injury caused by other motor vehicles include:

  • Failure to watch blind spots as motorcycles are smaller than passenger and commercial vehicles, the size discrepancy is greater with a big rig.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Switching lanes without signaling.
  • Distracted driving is probably the worst major hazard to motorcyclists with the increased use of technology while driving.

Drivers may claim that the biker was out of the visual path, or they were driving recklessly, but motorcycle accidents occur when other drivers do not see a cyclist, or are engaged in some other illegal driving behaviors. Victims of motorcycle accidents, or those surviving loved ones of a person who died in a motorcycle accident should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss options for damage compensation.


When death occurs as a result of a multi-vehicle accident involving a motorcycle, a reconstructionist specialist and other experts may assist experienced California accident lawyers as they build a case for damage compensation. A personal injury attorney can help victims navigate their way through insurance claims for accidental death benefits after a motorcycle accident.   Damages may include medical treatment of other injured parties, and accident-related expenses.  If an accident victim dies, the damages will be paid differently, based on expenses acquired while the victim was alive as opposed to those that will go to the estate of the individual.

Hire an attorney.

An experienced attorney who is familiar with California accident laws can be reached at the Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates, and will take action to build a winning claim against a negligent driver when fatal injury occurs.

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