Charleston, SC – Anyone who is riding a motorcycle and gets into an accident faces the possibility of serious and life changing injuries, and paying for extensive medical treatment. This is due to the lack of a large frame that most motor vehicles have, which protects the driver and passengers from the worst impacts of a collision. One of the ways that governments have tried to help victims pay for the costs of an accident is to have mandatory insurance requirements for motorcycle riders. This ensures that there will be thousands of dollars available for medical costs and property damage in case of a collision. 

Motorcycle insurance requirements in South Carolina

South Carolina law defines a motorcycle as any vehicle having two wheels that permanently touch the ground, excluding tractors. These vehicles must carry certain minimum insurance requirements while being operated. This includes $25,000 worth of bodily injury coverage per each person, $25,000 worth of property damage coverage, and $50,000 of total bodily injury coverage for every accident. Drivers are also required by law to carry proof of insurance coverage and present it to a police officer when pulled over. Aside from the officer issuing a ticket, drivers who do not have their coverage verified may lose their license and have their vehicle registration suspended. 

The costs of a collision

These policy coverage amounts may seem large, but motor vehicle accidents can quickly become very costly. This is at least in part due to the high costs of medical treatment and healthcare. Someone who requires hospital visits, treatment from multiple doctors, and long term care to recover from their injuries will certainly have more than $25,000 worth of medical bills. This is why personal injury lawsuits are an important way to recover financial losses. 

Lawsuits to recover losses

A personal injury lawsuit can add up all of these losses related to medical treatment and additional problems like missed time from work, and make the person responsible for the collision pay for them all through a negligence case. The final element of a negligence lawsuit is damages. These amounts can include both economic and non-economic losses for emotional pain and suffering that are a direct result of the accident. Experienced injury lawyers are skilled at arguing for the largest amount legally possible through a settlement agreement or jury verdict. 

Learn more about motor vehicle accident lawsuits

Anyone who was involved in a collision while on a motorcycle or in a car can speak with an injury attorney in the Charleston area. The Clekis Law Firm is an experienced group of lawyers who assist local clients with their cases against other drivers and related matters. 

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