Syracuse Woman Suffers injury After Two Motorcycle Accidents At Once

Sometimes it’s not the fall that gets you. It’s the being run over by a motorcycle that does. That recently happened to a 40-year-old Syracuse woman who was out riding with her husband and friends. According to, Danielle Castle was riding on the back of a 2002 Kawasaki with her husband, Robert Castle, at the wheel. They were also riding with a group of other motorcyclists at the time. At some point, Danielle fell off the back of the bike, landing on Seventh North St. Someone, a part of her body had gotten stuck under the rear time, which caused her to fall off the bike completely.

It was at this point that a 2016 Kawasaki being ridden by one of her companions, 27-year-old Kevin Roberts, ran into her and the Castles’ motorbike. He had been travelling directly behind them, according to the police. She was taken to Upstate University Hospital where her condition was listed as serious. Neither Roberts nor Castle were injured in the incident. Roberts was given a ticket for operating a motor vehicle out of class, but there were no other charges. Witnesses all say that she simple fell off the bike with no other factors coming into play.

Part of the appeal of riding a motorcycle is the social aspect. Driving along the open road in unison as part of a “pack” is part of the mystique of being a motorcyclist. However, to avoid injury or worse, it’s important to consider the safety implications. offers some helpful tips for riding in a group. One of the big ones is to have a meeting before the ride. That way you can all plan a route, and a meeting spot, so that no one is rushing to catch up if they get separated. If everyone knows where everyone else is going, then there should be no stress.

When riding in a group, you should always be in a staggered formation. This means that if the leader is on the left side of the lane, the next should be back on the right. There should also be a two second separation in case of any quick stops. Of course, this formation may have saved Danielle Castle some injuries, although not enough is known of the accident to be sure. One of the keys for group riding is acknowledging that it is not a competition. Everyone should be working together to get to the end of the ride safely.

Sometimes, however, you can do everything right, and through no fault of your own you might end up in an accident. If this happens, be careful not to lay blame on the scene, but get in touch with a Syracuse motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible  to examine your case. They will discuss next steps, and help you with any claims you might have as a result of your accident. Trying to do everything yourself after an injury isn’t the best idea. Let an expert handle it for you.