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Why is it dangerous when motorcyclists are lane splitting in West Virginia?

Bridgeport, WV - People who are riding on a motorcycle always need to be more careful than drivers in standard cars. Using a motorcycle creates a number of safety concerns, and cyclists can be seriously hurt or killed during a crash due to the…

What are some of the most dangerous behaviors from motorcyclists in Singer Island?

Singer Island, FL - Florida has lots of motorcyclists on the roads at any given time due to the favorable climate. However, riding a motorcycle is generally much more dangerous than driving a car, and there are some specific risks that motorcyclists…

What is lane splitting and why is it dangerous for motorcyclists in Florida?

West Palm Beach, FL - Riding a motorcycle is always more dangerous than driving in a standard sized car. Motorcyclists are much more likely to be involved in accidents, and when they do crash, their injuries are probably going to be more severe…