Thousands of Florida motorcyclists may be seriously hurt each year

West Palm Beach, FLMotorcycle accidents happen regularly in Florida, and they also can be devastating for the individuals involved. Statistics from the state show that thousands of motorcyclists will be involved in collisions on the state’s roads each year, and a percentage of those riders will be seriously injured or pass away. 

Data for motorcycle accidents in Florida

According to the state’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there are approximately 10,000 accidents involving at least one motorcycle each year and several hundred of those are fatal. 

Some of these accidents involve only one vehicle, where the motorcyclist likely lost control and collided with an obstacle on or near the road. Impacts from the side from drivers who likely did not see the motorcyclist near them were also a common cause of collisions. Accident data has also shown that another vehicle which collides head on with a motorcycle is the most dangerous situation for any rider. These kinds of crashes are most likely to result in life changing injuries or fatalities. Motorcyclists who disregard laws related to maintaining a lane are also very likely to be involved in a crash.  

Costs of a motorcycle accident

Because motorcyclists are not protected by a large car frame, air bags, seat belts, and other safety features, their injuries and associated medical costs are often much higher than those associated with a car accident. Many motorcycle insurance policies factor these costs into premiums for riders. 

The possibility of a lawsuit

Regardless of whether the accident involves any combination of motorcycles, trucks, or standard sized cars, victims always have a right to bring an injury case against the person or business responsible for their losses. Personal injury lawsuits are most common after severe accidents where the insurance process is insufficient to pay for all of the problems caused during the collision. 

Damages awarded to victims

An injured person is compensated based on the law of damages, which is the legal term for things like bills and lost wages caused by the collision. Florida law also allows victims to recover non-economic damages for emotional pain and suffering after a traumatic accident. This money is normally paid out after the plaintiff and defendant agree to a settlement, but a full trial with testimony from witnesses and a jury verdict is possible if both sides cannot come to an agreement. 

Finding out if a lawsuit is needed after a collision

There are lawyers in the West Palm Beach area who can meet with local clients to discuss specific information related to an accident. Smith and Vanture is a trusted firm that focuses on personal injury lawsuits and motor vehicle accidents. 

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