What are some of the most dangerous behaviors from motorcyclists in Singer Island?

Singer Island, FL – Florida has lots of motorcyclists on the roads at any given time due to the favorable climate. However, riding a motorcycle is generally much more dangerous than driving a car, and there are some specific risks that motorcyclists need to be aware of. Despite the dangers, many motorcyclists will still engage in behaviors that are likely to result in injuries or death. These behaviors should be avoided out of safety concerns. 

It is also possible that any negligent driver or motorcyclist who caused an accident can be sued. 

Not checking the road surface 

Roads tend to have debris, potholes, sudden turns, and other obstacles that can cause a cyclist to lose control. If the motorcyclist hits an object before seeing it, they can fall or be ejected from the vehicle. Motorcyclists should also be aware of moisture and other problems caused by weather that may also cause them to lose control. 

Lane splitting

Motorcyclists should maintain a lane like other drivers, even if their vehicle can fit between others and maneuver around them. Motorcyclists and even some bicyclists tend to ride around or between other vehicles. This behavior is especially common when traffic is stopped or moving very slowly. Unfortunately, lane splitting behaviors make riders much more likely to get hit, as other drivers may have trouble seeing them or stopping suddenly if they get too close. Lane splitting also may leave riders exposed in the driver’s blind spot. 

The act of lane splitting is a traffic infraction in Florida and violators can be given a citation. 

Not wearing safety gear

Florida law does not necessarily require all drivers to wear helmets at all times. There is other optional safety gear that riders may choose to wear or not as well. If a motorcyclist gets hit by a driver and they are not wearing a helmet or other forms of protection, it is much more likely that they will sustain life changing or fatal injuries. 

Not looking carefully before turning

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than usual during a turn. This is because oncoming traffic may not see them, or they may be going too fast to stop before a collision. A cyclist who is hit mid turn by oncoming traffic is likely to have serious medical complications.  The treatment costs can grow large, and an insurance claim or lawsuit may be necessary to pay for these financial losses. 

Legal help is available 

Smith and Vanture is a law practice that focuses on motorcycle accidents and personal injury lawsuits in Singer Island and other parts of Florida. Their experienced attorneys can provide guidance throughout a civil injury case and the process to receive a settlement. 

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