What Are Some Roadway Hazards You Want to Avoid as a Motorcyclist?

We know riding a motorcycle is as risky as it gets, and we are aware of the many ways a biker’s life changes after engaging in an accident. But with all the data and constant speculation on why these motorcycle crashes occur, cheatsheet.com has compiled a list of some of the things bikers need to be more cognizant of which seems to attribute to severe crashes and even those resulting in death. Local Alexandria, Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyers represent victims of these accidents on a continual basis, but what if there was a way for you to reduce your chance of having your life negatively impacted just by adding a little extra precaution while you ride?

There are certain things you can in fact do, whether you are motorcyclist who rides each and every day or just someone who goes for a “spin” every now and then. Presented below are some of the common dangers that are responsible for taking the lives of many or placing an innocent individual in the hospital who winds up  suffering from life-altering conditions.

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    Drivers sometimes fail to acknowledge a biker turning and continue on causing a collision.

    Oncoming traffic and cars waiting to turn- Obviously any motorist must be aware of oncoming traffic, but a biker must take added precaution as many times this oncoming traffic isn’t looking out for you. Motorcycle accident attorneys local to you in Alexandria note that many crashes occur when a biker is making a turn and the traffic heading from the other direction fails to acknowledge them.

  • Making an abrupt stop- When a driver is texting, or eating, or even talking to their children in the backseat, and the light turns red, their first instinct is to hit the brakes. But, because the “front brake provides 70% of your stopping power” on a motorcycle, if you come to quick stop, you increase your chance of being thrown from your bike.
  • “Obstacles” in your pathway- Gravel, debris, trees, and even roadkill make for a much more difficult trip for a motorcyclist so try and avoid them.
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    Inexperienced riders should refrain from making turns too quickly to avoid injuries.

    Turning a corner way too fast- Those who have recently taken up riding are more at risk of getting hurt on their motorcycle when trying to turn a corner and are traveling at a speed that is simply too fast.

  • Opened car doors- Although this isn’t a concern for the average motorist, it is for a biker. Alexandria, Louisiana motorcycle crash lawyers point out that many people fail to see a motorcyclist heading their way as their form of transportation is much smaller than a vehicle. Unfortunately, bikers are harmed and injured by many who open their car doors and neglect to see them.