What Are the Laws Regarding Driving a Motorcycle in Marietta, GA?

According to the Georgia Code, there are many motorcycle laws which individuals have to follow when they are driving around in Marietta, GA. If a person fails to follow these laws they can be fined. Furthermore, if they fail to follow these laws and they get into an accident then they can be held more liable as well.

The basic laws for driving a motorcycle in Georgia include:

  • A helmet or protective headgear must be worn
  • Eye protection is required
  • The motorcycle should have a windshield if the person is not wearing eye protection
  • The handlebar of the motorcycle should not be more than 15” above the seat
  • Footrests are required for the passengers
  • The driver should only ride on the permanent driver’s seat and not on any attachments
  • Passengers are only allowed on motorcycles which were designed for two people
  • Mirrors are required
  • Turn signals are required on all motorcycles except those manufactured before 1972
  • Functioning taillights must be installed
  • An acoustic muffler should be installed

If a person has all of the above factors in check, along with their driver’s license, they are following the basic laws when it comes to riding a motorcycle. However, apart from these manufacturing and regulatory laws, there are also traffic laws which apply specifically to motorcyclists.

Which traffic laws do motorcyclists have to follow?

Individuals who drive motorcycles need to make sure they are following all of the traffic rules properly. A law which is specific to motorcyclists is the law that they can drive two abreast in the same lane.

However, just because they are allowed to drive two abreast does not mean that they do not have the right to have a lane to themselves. Motorcyclists have the same right as larger vehicles to have the entire width of the lane to themselves when they are driving.

Some other traffic laws include:

  • The motorcyclist is not allowed to overtake or pass in the same lane which is already occupied by another vehicle
  • The motorcyclist must always have their headlights and taillights on
  • No more than two motorcyclists should ride abreast in a lane

What do I do if I get into a motorcycle accident?

Anyone who gets into a motorcycle accident first needs to get to safety and get medical help if required. Since motorcyclists have less physical protection then other drivers, they have more chances of facing deadly and life-threatening injuries and they need to seek medical attention as soon as possible after their accident.

Once a person has taken care of their health they should get in touch with a motorcycle accident attorney in Marietta, GA as soon as possible. A motorcycle accident attorney can help a person make insurance claims which will likely get them back a sufficient amount of money so they can pay for their medical bills and repairs for their damaged vehicle as well.