What Are the Most Common Motorcycle Injuries in Chicago, Illinois?

 Bikers often suffer from serious injuries after they get into an accident with another vehicle. Since motorcycles lack the basic protection which most other vehicles offer, motorcyclists often directly make contact with the road, and this can lead to very serious injuries.

Some of the most common injuries bikers face regularly include:

  • Neck injuries
  • Spine injuries
  • Road Rash
  • Brain injuries
  • Nerve and muscle damage
  • Broken bones

These injuries are not just painful, but they are often expensive to treat and they also generally take a long recovery time. Getting any of the above injuries can lead a person to miss significant time from their work and lose out on their wages. No person should have to face the brunt of these financial consequences on their own. Calling a motorcycle accident attorney in Chicago, Illinois is in a person’s best interest if they want to ensure they get the legal help they need throughout the process.

The good news is that most individuals will be able to claim damages for their personal injuries. They will most likely be able to get financially compensated for both their medical bills and their lost wages which occurred due to the accident.

What if I am at fault for the motorcycle accident?

Chicago follows the rules of comparative negligence when it comes to automotive accidents. This means that if a person is partially guilty for an accident, they will have their total compensation reduced by that amount. For instance, if the court examines the evidence and decides that a person was 30% responsible for an accident, they will still get compensated for their injuries and losses, but they will lose 30% of their total entitlement.

It is essential that a person collects enough evidence to prove to the court that they were not entirely at fault. The less negligence a person is blamed for, the more financial compensation they will be able to walk home with at the end of the day. A lawyer who is experienced in presenting motorcycle accident cases in court can help a person put their case together in the most effective way.

Can I file a claim without a lawyer?

It is possible for a person to file a claim without a lawyer, however, if a person faced serious injuries it is always smarter to contact an attorney first. A lawyer will be able to take the burden off of the biker and deal with all the legalities while the person takes the time they need to recover from their pain and injuries.

Another advantage of hiring a legal professional is that a person’s case will most likely be taken more seriously in court and their words and pieces of evidence will not be easily overlooked. Anyone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident, or who have suffered property damage in an accident should get in touch with a lawyer at their earliest convenience to increase the chances of a quick and successful settlement.