What are the most serious dangers on the road that motorcyclists will face in Austin?

Austin, TX – Riding a motorcycle is always more dangerous than driving a standard sized car. Many drivers do not see motorcycles in the moments before the collision, and the lack of a frame or other protective measures means that a motorcyclist can face much more serious injuries than others. Texas tends to experience a number of fatal motorcycle crashes each year, and this number increases over time. After a crash involving a motorcycle, an attorney who focuses on motor vehicle accident cases can help the victims by filing a civil lawsuit for compensation. 

Weather and road conditions

If there is poor visibility due to rain or other weather events, drivers may be even more likely to not see a motorcyclist than usual. Motorcycles are also more difficult to handle in these conditions, and the operator can potentially lose control and be involved in a single vehicle crash due to inclement conditions. This is especially true when the weather changes suddenly and the roads become wet or dark. In addition to the weather, areas with damaged roads, construction sites, and other obstacles can be dangerous as well for similar reasons. 

Drunk drivers

While all drivers are aware of the dangers of driving after consuming drugs or alcohol, it is still a serious problem in Texas and other states. When either the driver of a car nearby is impaired, or the motorcyclist is driving under the influence, any situation where intoxicated drivers are on the roads greatly increases the chance of an accident. Drunk drivers have slower reaction times, their vehicles may move erratically, and they are more likely to disobey traffic laws and signals. 

Getting hit from behind

Cars tend to have much larger brake lights than motorcycles, and it is easier to see when they come to a sudden stop. A driver who does not see a motorcycle stopping is likely to continue into the rear of their vehicle. This is a very dangerous situation for motorcyclists, because they can be ejected from the vehicle during a rear impact crash. Injuries that result from these kinds of accidents tend to be severe for the cyclist. 

Excessive speed

A driver who is speeding is probably not going to have enough time to slow down or stop if they suddenly see a motorcycle nearby. If the motorcyclist is speeding, this is dangerous too, as they may be more likely to illegally go through red lights or stop signs. 

Meeting with an attorney after an injury

Robson Law Firm assists local clients in Austin and nearby parts of Texas with their accident lawsuits. People who want to speak with a licensed attorney can contact the firm to get additional information. 

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