What is lane splitting and why is it dangerous for motorcyclists in Florida?

West Palm Beach, FL – Riding a motorcycle is always more dangerous than driving in a standard sized car. Motorcyclists are much more likely to be involved in accidents, and when they do crash, their injuries are probably going to be more severe than if they were protected by the body of a car. Certain behaviors are common among inexperienced or careless motorcyclists that make the roads even more dangerous for everyone. Lane splitting is one such problematic behavior that causes accidents. Any kind of traffic violation may be used against the driver in a case against the motorcyclist after a collision. 

Defining lane splitting

Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist or bicycle rider remains between two lanes of traffic instead of staying within a traffic lane. This is technically illegal in the state and the motorcyclist may be cited, but it is still a common problem in Florida. Many cyclists choose to do this to get around stopped or slow moving traffic during rush hour and other times of congestion. It can help the cyclists get around the traffic quickly, but it is also very dangerous. 

Some other terms for lane splitting include white lining or stripe riding. Despite the dangers inherent in this practice it is legal in some states, and other jurisdictions may possibly update their laws to make lane splitting legal. There has been some controversy regarding whether laws against lane splitting actually make the roads safer, which accounts for some states moving to legalize the practice. 

Florida law allows police officers to issue citations to cyclists who lane split. 

Motorcycle crash lawsuits

When a motorcyclist causes an accident, they can be sued like any other driver. The victim can say that the person responsible must pay for all of their financial losses through a civil lawsuit. These losses generally include property damage, medical treatment, lost income and wages, and non-economic problems related to trauma, pain, and suffering. If the driver was lane splitting when the accident happened, evidence of this traffic violation may also be used as evidence of negligence in a related civil lawsuit. However, the fact that a driver was lane splitting will not be a conclusive issue, as the plaintiff must still prove all of the standard elements of a negligence lawsuit. For more information about the specifics of a negligence case, an accident victim should speak with their attorney. 

Help after a collision in West Palm Beach

There are attorneys who assist with the process of lawsuits after motorcycle and motor vehicle accidents in the West Palm Beach area. Smith and Vanture is a firm that has experience helping clients of all backgrounds in south Florida. 

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