What Is the Importance of Motorcycle Jacket for A Rider?

Safety is a very important part of motorcycle riding. Safety precautions are not only wearing a helmet, but there is also a complete range of motorcycle apparel which includes motorcycle jacket, chaps, and gloves. If you haven’t already purchased one then it is the time to do so. Just go for high quality and durable one so you could be safe and enjoy your ride. Today we will know how important the motorcycle jackets are for a rider.

What are motorcycle jackets made of?

Starting with the basics. The most common material is leather, first, it is tough, more durable and stylish too. This leather is strong, tough, and build to protect from abrasions and other harsh conditions. Textile is another fabric riding jackets are made of.


The right motorcycle jacket can act as your armor reducing the impact and protecting you from abrasions. Jackets that could do so include armor or protective material at back, shoulders, and elbows. Keep in mind, the jacket with patches and/or tassels may look great but is not very protective. Stitching could open leaving the skin exposed and tassels can distract or get tangled.

Motorcycle jacket features

Done with the basics, now let’s have a look at features you should keep an eye for while buying your motorcycle jacket.


Motorcycle riding jackets give protection against wind, sun, heat, bugs, and abrasions. Ventilated jackets like textile jackets are great for summer riding because of the vents that let the airflow through which keeps you cool. While leather jackets with warm liner are good for colder seasons. These factors are great at keeping the rider comfortable. The fitting of your motorcycle jacket should be snug and it should properly cover the body. A tightly fitted jacket might look good but will restrict you while riding.

Safety and Protection

The riding jacket with padded and armored high impact areas, like shoulder, elbows and back, offer great protection from impact. Mostly jacket come with elbow and shoulder padding. While the tough and abrasions resistant material will keep your skin from burns and getting peeled off as you are sliding on road. Better the material and padding/armor safer you will be. There are many jackets with CE approved armor in high impact areas. These jackets are better than padded ones.

To keep the riders visible at night some jackets have night visible panels, patches or lining. The goal is to keep riders visible ensuring safety at night. Keep these features in mind and see if the jacket you are about to buy has these or not.


Motorcycle jackets are not boring anymore. They are offered in a variety of materials, styles, and colors. You can choose the one you like or even get a customized one, from the companies offering such a thing. So, your motorcycle jacket could be chic and great while offering the best protection too.

Fashion statement

These days motorcycle jackets have become a fashion statement, especially for Harley and cruiser bike riders. I would be lying if I said they don’t look fashionable and trendy even attracting non-riders. For quite some time I really wanted to ride a Harley with my friends just because I wanted to wear a cool leather jacket while riding a bike, Harley was not the reason.

Anyways, these can be used as daily wear jackets from your wardrobe. This might also reduce your purchase cost. The type of jacket you choose to wear supports you as a rider.

Bottom line

Motorcycle jackets complete the look, a rider without a jacket is incomplete. Motorcycle riding jacket is completely different from the regular jacket and the purpose is not fashion. Wearing protective gear like jackets might not be compulsory but it sure does protect and helps bring you back on the road. Motorcycle jackets are comfortable, fashionable, and offer safety so buy them either considering it piece within your wardrobe or just for safety purposes.