Why is it dangerous when motorcyclists are lane splitting in West Virginia?

Bridgeport, WV – People who are riding on a motorcycle always need to be more careful than drivers in standard cars. Using a motorcycle creates a number of safety concerns, and cyclists can be seriously hurt or killed during a crash due to the lack of safety features. National traffic data has consistently shown that motorcyclists are more likely to sustain life changing injuries or fatal consequences after a collision.  

Despite these known risks, some motorcyclists create additional, unnecessary problems by engaging in illegal behaviors on the roads. One of the most dangerous things that a motorcyclist can do is called lane splitting. Cyclists who are lane splitting can face a number of problems, including the possibility of traffic tickets and civil lawsuits.  

What is lane splitting?

Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist rides on the line that divides lanes or cuts between cars by not maintaining a lane. Many individuals on bikes prefer to navigate through traffic this way, as they can arrive at their destination more quickly by taking such a risk. Lane splitting also tends to be most common during times of high traffic when the cyclist wants to get around the other cars. However, this is considered a traffic violation in West Virginia and many other states because it is a very dangerous maneuver that creates an accident risk when others cannot see the cyclist. Those who are stopped by police officers for lane splitting can face fines and other punishments. 

Negligence cases against motorists

Any driver or motorcyclist who engages in traffic violations such as lane splitting can be considered at fault for a car crash. If this happens, they will need to pay for the costs of the crash such as the lost income and medical care of any victims. The costs are normally paid through liability insurance, but attorneys can be involved in the process to negotiate accident settlements or file claims when necessary. Accident attorneys work for their clients to try to get as much compensation as possible, which also tends to increase insurance costs for motorcyclists and other drivers who have been considered at fault because insurance companies try to sustain their profits regardless of how many accidents they pay for. 

Car accident lawyers in West Virginia

Kaufman and McPherson is a firm that handles auto accident lawsuits for clients throughout the state of West Virginia. Anyone who has recently been injured in a crash can schedule a meeting with their attorneys. 

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