Why is riding a motorcycle so dangerous in Fort Lauderdale Florida?

While any kind of driving always carries the risk of a collision, motorcycle accidents are a serious issue in the state of Florida. Although just seven percent of drivers on the state’s roads are operating a motorcycle, 19% of all fatal accidents involve at least one motorcycle. Florida also has the most fatal motorcycle accidents out of any state in the country, in part because many riders choose to not wear helmets or other safety gear, after a law requiring helmets was repealed years ago.

Statistics confirm Florida is the most dangerous state to drive a motorcycle

Reports released by the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration over the last several years have confirmed that the Sunshine State is number one for motorcycle deaths on the roads. Many motorcycle riders in the state also lack any kind of insurance coverage. This combination of lack of insurance and deaths means that motorcycle accidents are a huge cost to both the riders and society as a whole. It is estimated that each motorcycle related death costs over $1 million.

Traffic experts recommend a number of measures to help stop this disastrous trend. Those riding on motorcycles should definitely wear helmets and other forms of protective clothing such as boots, gloves, and jackets. Proper lighting and bright reflective colors can be used to help make motorcycles more visible to other cars on the road. Drivers of cars and trucks should also make sure they can hear the other vehicles and traffic around them, as motorcycles can usually be heard before they are seen by people inside of cars. Motorcyclists need to be careful to respect the rules of the road such as speed limits and driving at a safe distance from other cars, as many motorcyclists tend to take advantage of the size of their bikes by weaving in and out of traffic and making improper lane changes, which is very dangerous.

The added dangers of driving a motorcycle

Because motorcycles are sometimes difficult for other drivers to see, and riders are not protected by a large frame like they would be inside of a car, motorcycle accidents tend to cause serious injuries to the driver. When these injuries are considered in a lawsuit, the amounts that are paid out to victims can be large to cover the costs of medical bills and hospitalization.

What kinds of lawsuits can help injured cyclists?

Lawsuits for all motor vehicle accidents usually involve a lawyer claiming that another driver breached the required duty of care on the roads and caused harm to another person. This general format for the elements of lawsuit does not change whether a car or motorcycle is involved. However, the damages caused to motorcycle riders tend to be more significant, so a skilled lawyer knows how to factor these injuries into an argument for compensation from the other driver or their insurance company.

All cases involving personal injuries are called negligence cases. This simply means that a driver was not careful enough and caused an accident. The most important element of a negligence case is damages. This is the amount of money that a lawyer can ask for based on the sum of the value injuries and property damage. These amounts are usually related to things like medical costs and missed time from work or lost wages.

When someone dies in a motorcycle accident, there is a also another kind of lawsuit that can be filed. This is called a wrongful death. It is a type of lawsuit meant to compensate the surviving family members for things like funeral costs and the loss of a family member’s future earnings. A lawyer who routinely deals with motorcycle accidents can give more specific information about how these lawsuits are relevant to your case.

Talk to a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents

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