Why Won’t the Lives of These Motorcycle Pastors Ever be the Same?

Motorcycle crash attorneys nearby in Shreveport are sharing a recent account that displays just how dangerous the roadways may be for motorcycle riders.

Shreveport, LA- They are fun, thrilling, and one of the most exciting types of performance bikes many love to travel on, whether it be to work, or for a week long road trip. However, while the roadway itself can be quite the dangerous place, riding on a motorcycle is known to increase a person’s chance of sustaining serious injuries, and even life-threatening ones as well. Sadly, one couple who served as “motorcycle pastors” where they dedicated themselves to helping others were the unfortunate victims who nearly lost their lives after being struck by a drunken driver.

motorcycle crash attorneys in Shreveport, Louisiana

An intoxicated driver was responsible for causing these two bikers to crash, leaving them struggling for their lives.

Motorcycle accident lawyers in Shreveport, Louisiana are here to shed light on the story and bring awareness to those residing in the area on how dangerous these deadly bikes can be, and how the community has come together to help this family during the time they need it the most. KSLA 12 News reported just back in June this terrible motorcycle crash that occurred on May 28 in south Bossier Parish. The two were traveling on their bike down Louisiana Highway 157 when “a drunken driver made a left-hand turn right into their path.” The two were reportedly on their way home “after officiating a wedding.”

Shreveport motorcycle crash lawyers local to you point out that the two “were rushed to University Health in Shreveport” where multiple surgeries have been performed to help mend their injuries and bring back some wellness in their life. Jerry and Tina Kennedy are the victims still fighting for their lives, and now, their daughter Stephanie Phelan and her husband are working with the community and anyone else willing to help to raise enough money to help get her parents the required medical care they need, as well as enough to cover the medical expenses that will soon accrue for the “months of long-term rehab” they will need when they are released from the hospital.

According to their GoFundMe account that has been setup, the couple has raised $7,220 so far, however,  Phelan has estimated that their total accrued medical bills as of right now may be close to $200,000.

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Motorcyclists and all other drivers should instill safety in their friends and family to make the roads a safer place.

With the increasing number of accidents occurring on our roadways and the life-threatening conditions they leave many victims in, it is important to instill safety into your loved ones and remind friends and family to refrain from drinking and driving.

Whenever someone’s life is significantly impacted by a careless or negligent individual, it is important to hold those accountable for their reckless actions. Morris Bart and his team of experienced and well-versed motorcycle accident attorneys are known for helping injury victims obtain the compensation they need for the outstanding medical bills that have arisen, and will fight on your behalf to get you the settlement you deserve.

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